Needs Assessment
-Gwendolyn C. Murphy, Ph.D.

Module Overview
In this section we will go over:

  1. The definition of a needs assessment.
  2. Why one would do a needs assessment.
  3. The steps to take in doing a needs assessment.
  4. The value of a rationale statement.

Understand and be able to execute a curricular needs assessment.

By the end of this module, particpants will be able to:

  1. Define needs assessment as it relates to design of a curriculum.
  2. Explain what a rationale is and why these are written.
  3. Recognize potential stakeholders in the curriculum and the data that each provides toward an effective planning process.
  4. List various methods of needs assessment and advantages and disadvantages of each.
  5. Identify resources which will assist in definition of needs and competencies.
  6. Design and perform needs assessments to determine local, institutional, societal, and other needs in the curriculum design process.
  7. Discuss the various methods for assessing needs of the sponsoring institution, professional certifying organizations, and society as a whole.
  8. Organize a plan to identify curricular areas which need to be developed or revised.
  9. Perform oral and written needs assessment of learners, including entry-level performance appraisal.
  10. Construct a curricular rationale statement.
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